Aalochana Resource Centre - Posters

Aalochana is home to over 600 posters that are classified theme wise. These posters have been produced by or for women’s groups, social action groups, movements, donor agencies etc. Our collection ranges from posters dating from the early days of the contemporary women’s movement to one’s we have produced for our programs and campaigns. A variety of users make use of our posters at a nominal charge.

Aalochana contributed from its collection to Zubaan’s Poster Women: A Visual History of the Women’s Movement in India, 2006. It also is one of the repositories of 100 posters that formed part of the Zubaan exhibition. Click here to view the Poster Women project by Zubaan.

Aalochana has also produced posters on violence, panchayat raj, and right to information. Click here to view a few posters produced by Aalochana.