Muskaan's Activities

Awareness Sessions

Muskaan conducts awareness and training sessions for a diverse population of school children, college students, parents, teachers, social workers, NGO workers, police personnel, observation home staff and children and members of local communities.

Discussion Forums and In-house Training Workshops

Muskaan has organized discussion forums and training workshops by experts. Our aim has been to share insights and experiences of issues around CSA, develop a child-friendly perspective and build intervention and counseling skills of Muskaan members and associated social workers, counselors and teachers.

Interventions and Counseling

We do psycho-social interventions in institutions or local communities in the form of providing emotional support to the child, empowering a trusted adult to stand by the child, and taking action against the abuser. We offer legal and psychiatric referrals where required.

Resource materials

Supporting materials on child sexual abuse, such as books, reports, manuals, news clippings, documentary films and posters are available in Aalochana library.

Muskaan Helpline

For information, help, and support, call us on +91-9689062202 or e-mail us at


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