Samvadini's Chuli Palyad

As a part of the skill building activities over the last two years, we have attempted to introduce writing skills. A very interesting process has been set in place. A newsletter, called “Chuli Palyad” (Beyond the Hearth) is published every six months. This is a collective effort of all the groups under the program.

The field workers were given the responsibility of encouraging women to write or express themselves even pictorially. Different topics like women’s work, water issues and so on were identified, discussed and then put down on paper by the women. Some have penned their own life stories. The excitement of seeing your name in a publication is unimaginable for the literate and the educated. This has been a great incentive and the organizations have benefited greatly as their own staff is also improving their writing skills.

At the end of each year a joint or collective camp is held and women stay over and share their work, their experiences, their joys and sorrows. This ‘space’ away from their own homes means a lot to most of them as it is their ‘space’ and time with no demands from the families! Some also refer to this as their “Maher” or mothers home!

Chuli Palyad - December 2019
Chuli Palyad - December 2018
Chuli Palyad - March 2018
Chuli Palyad - December 2017
Chuli Palyad - April 2017
Chuli Palyad - March 2012
Chuli Palyad - October 2011
Chuli Palyad - February 2011

To view the Chuli Palyad newsletters, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF viewer.


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